Webinar: AFAST and TFAST: All You Need to Know

This lecture will focus on the applications of ultrasound in the emergency setting as a point of care imaging modality for the abdomen and thorax. This “back to basics and then beyond” lecture, will delve into how to perform a comprehensive AFAST and TFAST. 

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Webinar: AFAST and TFAST: All You Need to Know

Level: 1

We will additionally discuss image optimization, fluid scoring, fluid sampling and assessment and how to utilize your ultrasound skills for patient monitoring.

We will consider the vetBLUE technique to address the significance of B-lines and their frequency and location to best formulate a comprehensive differentials list in those tricky dyspnoeic patients!

Consolidating the theory of point of care ultrasound through case discussion and quizzes, will better enable you to confidently approach your patients with probe in hand!