Orthopaedic Nursing: Everything you need to know

This hands-on practical course will give Nurses theoretical and practical learning on all things Orthopaedic. This practical day will cover: 

  • Gowning and gloving
  • Draping and positioning of patients
  • Being a scrubbed assistant 
  • How to use and maintain orthopaedic instrumentation 
  • Maintaining sterility in the operating theatre
  • Kit preparation and packaging for sterilisation 

Speaker: Shirley Bell BSc (Hons) Grad Dip

What our previous delegates have said about this course:

"Already making changes based on what i have learned in this CPD"

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Orthopaedic Nursing: Everything you need to know

Level: 9.5

Along with the practical elements it will also cover an extensive range of surgical nursing topics including:

  • Preparation of the surgical theatre
  • Managing your surgical workload and ops list 
  • Preparation of skin in both open and closed wounds
  • Transporting of anaesthetised patients safely within the clinic
  • Intra-op analgesia
  • Theory of fracture repair
  • Post operative recovery and analgesia.