Improve International Transfusion Medicine

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Blood transfusions have been used to save lives for hundreds of years and their benefits are well documented. In veterinary practices, the use of transfusion medicine has become increasingly popular due to its effectiveness in treating both critically ill and surgical patients. This new online learning Nurse Certificate (NCert), Veterinary Technician (VTCert) and Veterinary Paraprofessional (VPPCert)  Programme in Transfusion Medicine, accredited by the International School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ISVPS), aims to help veterinary professionals improve their knowledge in all aspects of transfusion medicine, from understanding when a transfusion is required to the different techniques for safe blood collection and administration.

How can you become proficient in veterinary transfusion medicine?

This programme will guide you through 8 online modules, each module is built around six lessons, two reflective studies, different course notes and weekly summary videos. The interactive approach of each session will help you retain new knowledge more effectively, with regular assessments testing your skills as you progress. As with all our high-quality online programmes, this course also benefits from the latest technology and from the guidance of renowned veterinary professionals.

Topics will range between several key subjects within transfusion medicine, such as blood banking, product management, conditions such as anaemia and adverse transfusion reactions, among others. The fundamental principles of blood types will be covered, and discussion will be held around how and when to use compatibility testing to maximise transfusion efficacy. The course will provide a good understanding of the aims and risks of transfusions.

Set yourself for success with the support of the leading CPD provider – learn how to maintain an excellent quality of life for each pet you treat and achieve a recognised qualification the General Practitioner Certificate awarded by the International School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ISVPS).

Start Date: July 2023


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Improve International Transfusion Medicine

Level: ISVPS NCert

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Modules summary

  1. Blood Banking and Component Therapy 
  2. Blood Products and Product Management and Whole Blood Collection  
  3. Erythrocyte Antigens and the Immune System 
  4. Anaemia 
  5. Haemostasis and Common Coagulation Abnormalities 
  6. Transfusion Considerations & Blood Product Administration 
  7. Adverse Transfusion Reactions 
  8. Autotransfusions, Cell Salvage, Xenotransfusions and Transfusion in Other Species