Improve International Small Animal Medicine Online Learning

Learn at your own pace, wherever you are, with our Small Animal Medicine online learning programme

Our Online Learning Programme in Small Animal Medicine has been developed to enable all veterinary surgeons access to our world-class teaching materials.

Set yourself for success with the support of the leading CPD provider – learn how to maintain an excellent quality of life for each pet you treat and achieve a recognised qualification the General Practitioner Certificate awarded by the International School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ISVPS).

Start Date: January 2024, June 2024 

Registration Available until End of March 2024


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Improve International Small Animal Medicine Online Learning

Level:ISVPS PgC/GPCert

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Modules summary

  1. Clinical pathology & laboratory medicine
  2. Immunology
  3. Cytology
  4. Diagnostic imaging
  5. Emergency medicine & critical care
  6. Gastroenterology I
  7. Gastroenterology II
  8. Respiratory disease
  9. Endocrinology I
  10. Endocrinology II
  11. Medical neurology
  12. Medical oncology
  13. Cardiovascular medicine I
  14. Cardiovascular medicine II
  15. Canine infectious diseases
  16. Feline infectious diseases
  17. Urology I
  18. Urology II
  19. Dermatology
  20. Ophthalmology

Joining the programme at different points may require you to double-up on some of the modules but will not affect your eligibility to progress onto either certificated routes.

Please note the module order may be subject to change