Emergency Surgery with Laura Cuddy

1. Urinary Tract Obstruction
2. Splenectomy
3. Gastrointestinal Surgery


What previous delegates have said about this course: 

"One of the best hands-on professional development courses I've ever attended. Laura is really good at explaining how to do the surgeries and really supportive during the practical part!" 

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Emergency Surgery with Laura Cuddy

Duration:1 day


  • 1 day
  • Fri 18 Oct 2024 | 09:00 - 17:00

What you will learn: 

  1. Confidently perform abdominocentesis in small animals
  2. Identify bladder and perform cystocentesis in small animals
  3. Perform Urinary catheterization in both male and female dogs
  4. Learn and build confidence in approaches to urinary emergencies in small animals including correction of urinary obstruction
  5. Complete a cystotomy in small animal
  6. Identify the necessity and perform a scrotal urethrostomy in male dog
  7. Review the indications for Splenectomy and perform splenectomy in small animal
  8. Discuss alternative techniques used during splenectomies in small animal
  9. Identify indications for coeliotomy and perform ventral midline method in small animal
  10.  Discuss and complete enterotomy in small animal
  11.  Evaluate varying situations where intestinal resection and anastomosis are required and perform a midline laparotomy approach in small animal
  12.   Perform gastrotomy in small animal
  13.  Discuss cases of gastro-dilation- volvulus in small animal and perform corrective surgery in small animal