Dental III: How to deal with complicated Dentals

This course is aimed at the interested vet who has some experience in dentistry, is  confident to take intra-oral radiographs and interpret them on a basic level. The course aimes to improve extraction techniques of the attending vet to avoid complications and discusses potential solution if things go wrong. We will go through a “step by step” process how to extract root fragments from the mandibular canal, explain the apporach and treatment of oral toumors in practice and  how to deal with patients with a reduced range of motion.

Additionally basic relaxation techniques  how to get out of the “fight or flight” reflex are tought to give the attending vet tools to deal with his stress levels during challenging operations

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Dental III: How to deal with complicated Dentals

Level: Pending Approval by VCI

  • Why dentistry can be stressfull and the stressfree dentist . How to plan your day and sourrounding for an easy win
  • Extraction complications and how to fix them: extraction of root fragment out of mandibular canal
  • Wetlab Canine extraction, displacement of roots in nasal cavity/mandibular canal
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Oral tumor resection in general practice 
  • How to deal with a patient with reduced range of motion 
  • Wetlab 4th Premolar, first molar extraction, root fragment removal, “tumor resection and tension free wound closure”.