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Exotic pets often fill veterinary surgeons with dread as they come through the surgery door. This programme will assist you in consolidating your knowledge of exotic medicine and surgery and help you to develop an informed clinical approach to exotic patients.

The programme has been designed to provide up to date knowledge across a range of different zoological and exotic species, from the initial examination and diagnostic sample collection to sedation and anaesthesia, diagnostic imaging and the workup and treatment of common diseases seen in those species. The programme will cover the latest techniques and therapeutic options for exotic animals and give you knowledge and skills that you can take back into practice with you.

At the end of your programme, you can choose to attend three practical attendance modules which will cover small mammal surgery, avian surgery and endoscopy. For those completing the full Exotic Online Learning Programme, you can purchase these modules at an exclusive price.

Providing a logical approach to even the most complex cases, this programme will provide the basis for renewed clinical enthusiasm and satisfaction.

The programme can also be undertaken as a face-to-face course, giving you the flexibility to decide the right learning approach for you, you can find out more here.

Set yourself for success with the support of the leading CPD provider – learn how to maintain an excellent quality of life for each pet you treat and achieve a recognised qualification the General Practitioner Certificate awarded by the International School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ISVPS).

Start Date: July 2024

Registration Available until September 2024


Starts at €7349

Payment options available upon request


Improve International Exotic Animal Practice Online Learning

Improve International Exotic Animal Practice Online Learning