Webinar - Wildlife Casualty Triage

Approved Course Code: C20-21-0428

1 CVE Credit 

Thousands of injured and orphaned wildlife casualties are in need of rescue and rehabilitation every year. Veterinary practices see all species come through the doors with a range of injuries and illness, from road traffic accidents to cat attacks. Learn how to safely triage wildlife casualties in your veterinary practice and more about WRI Wildlife Hospital 

Highly recommended as a precursor for those attending the 2-day Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation Course on March 12th & 13th 2022! 

Speaker: Liz Mullineaux BVM&S DVM&S CertSHP MRCVS

RCVS Recognised Specialist in Wildlife Medicine (Mammalian)

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Webinar - Wildlife Casualty Triage

Level: 1

What you will learn:

The welfare of the individual animal 

Health & Safety concerns - Zoonotic disease risks

Suitable facilities, equipment & training

Cost of treatment and rehabilitation

Deciding what to Triage 

Rescue - Rehabilitate - Return 

Legal considerations for protected species 

& much much more .........

You do not have to attend the LIVE webinar as it will be recorded and accessible via your personal learning profile but you do need to register beforehand in order to avail of the 1 CVE credit and access your VCI Approved Certificate of Completion.